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Water damage restoration services [commercial & home disaster repair, cleanup, and removal]

Get water damage restoration services company help for home owners and businesses.

With the right knowledge and the right experienced commercial or residential home water damage restoration company on your side, you can get the repair, cleanup, and removal you need.

The right water damage restoration company can be a savor for commercial & residential home water damage issues. Even a very small water issue can become a huge hassle without the proper repair, removal, and cleanup by professional water damage restoration service experts near you.

You see, water damage is responsible for a major part of the total life and property losses the world suffers. These damages need to be dealt with care lest they should even worsen the situation.

Commercial & residential home water damage restoration companies have a workforce specially trained for dealing with such damages. Damage restoration service experts are capable of getting your property to the pre-water damage conditions.

On this page, you’ll be learning the basics of water damage and its restoration. You will know what types of damages are serious and require the immediate attention of professional residential & commercial water damage restoration services pro help.

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What is water damage?

Water is a vital element on earth and is necessary for our domestic, industrial, and agricultural needs. It is so common a component of our day that we generally forget that it can be as dangerous and catastrophic as it is life-giving.

Whether it is just a small leakage or a major hurricane like Maria, it can bring about its characteristic damages and restoration challenges.

Water damage may include a number of losses like marred furniture, spoilt carpets and cracked and rotten walls and furniture, rusted metal objects, damaged cars, mold growth, delaminated floor wood, and furniture, and many more.

When water damage occurs, the answer is to seek out a residential home or commercial water damage restoration service help from the best water damage restoration companies nearby.

Things can go bad if water damage is not addressed

Flood water due to a storm or hurricane carries large energy along with it. It tends to fill any space that is available to it and whatever comes in its path, is destroyed. This is how water results in the wreckage of walls and furniture.

Sometimes, the destruction is so severe that the property cannot be restored at all. However, natural disasters are certainly not the only cause of water damages. Sometimes, it may be broken pipes or hoses, overflowing dishwashers, washing machines, or toilets. It may also be leaking roofs or pipes.

The water from these sources is soaked by your carpets, floor wood, furniture, or subfloor. If not treated soon, this water can get contaminated with bacteria, fungi, and other disease-causing microorganisms. Mold can start growing in these places within 24 hours of water accumulation.

Various types of diseases can result once the water gets contaminated.

The furniture may release dyes that can stain your carpets. The floor wood may soak water and swell, resulting in cupping, the crowning of planks or bulges on the floor.

All of the above is why getting a water damage restoration service for the repair, cleanup, and removal of the water is very. It is not advised to try to handle commercial and residential home water damage restoration by yourself and you can make the situation worse or get a disease from the contaminated waters.

Types of commercial & residential home water damages

Commercial & residential home water damages can vary according to the severity of destruction caused or source of water damage, but the major basis for categorizing water damages is according to the type of water that is involved in the damage. These are:

Category 1: Clean water

This category of water involves water, which is more or less non-contaminated and doesn’t pose any serious threat of diseases or infection.

The source for this type of water may be sink overflows, clean supply water overflown from cleaning appliances, water supply pipe leakage, or fresh rainwater that has seeped through cracks or leakages in the roof.

This type of water is not much harmful and you can get rid of it yourselves, provided that you clean it quickly and thoroughly.

However, if the water has found its way beneath the floor or carpet, or if it has remained accumulated at the place for about 24 hours, then you may need the help of a water damage restoration company.

Category 2: Greywater

The second category of damage involves water that has some germs in them and needs careful handling.

Here, “Greywater” refers to any type of water that has been used for any type of cleaning purpose. Examples could be used water overflown from a washing machine, dishwasher, or any water that has been left unattended for more than 24 hours.

The damages caused by this type of water can be serious as they generally contain harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. So, you are strongly recommended to leave this to be cleaned by professional water damage restoration service experts.

Still, if you want to do some preliminary cleaning before the professional help arrives, then you must wear proper rubber boots, filter masks, gloves, and protective suits before handling the water.

Category 3: Blackwater

Blackwater causes the most dangerous type of water damage as it is home to innumerable germs. Water overflow from a toilet, sewage, or gutter pipes and water brought in by river or ocean flood lies under this type.

This type of water can cause serious health problems which can sometimes even be fatal. So, it is strongly advised to keep yourselves, your family and, your pets away from the water before things and the infection goes out of control. Also, a carpet, padding, or other such porous substance that has soaked black water needs to be disposed of.

A thing worth being noted, however, is that the terms “clean”, “grey”, and “black” is the category name of the waters involved in the damage and is not necessarily the color of the water.

Rainwater stagnated for a couple of days, for example, may still appear to be clean but there may be millions of bacteria, fungi, and other germs lurking about. So, be careful about determining the source of water and hence, its type.

If you or a loved one have issues related to water you need to call commercial or residential water damage repair, cleanup, and removal contractors immediately.

Typical water damage cleanup & removal process

Professional water damage restoration companies have a definite, sequential way of dealing with the water. Their main process involves analyzing the situation, removing the stagnated water and drying the wet surfaces. The main steps of water damage cleanup and removal are described below:

  1. Examining the damage – Just like for any other type of damage, water damage restoration also begins with a thorough analysis of the damage that has occurred and the extent of penetration of water on the floor. Using special humidity measuring devices, the restoration experts will make an accurate measurement of the humidity in the rooms. They will also measure the moisture content inside surfaces like the floor, drywall, and furniture. Though you may feel a little offensive, they may even need to drill holes in the floor or even pluck a few planks out of the floorboards to check the conditions underneath. You should not hinder the process because this is for your betterment only. Sometimes, it is difficult to decide if the water has reached the subfloor. If such moisture remains there for long, then it can lead to rotting of wood and mold growth. Accordingly, they will evaluate the level of damage and decide what steps need to be followed for the restoration.
  2. Removing the stagnated water – The water that has been standing on the floor is removed using the floor using one or more water pumps or vacuums. The time taken in the process depends on the area and height of the accumulated water.
  3. Containment of moisture – Before starting the tedious drying process, the water damage restoration service professional may need to seal some of the doors and windows using plastic sheets and duct tapes in order to confine the heating and drying process to the very room.
  4. Preventing further damage and drying – After the inspection is over, the experts will be able to tell you whether dehumidifiers will be required for further drying or not. You may find them moving a vacuum against the walls and across the room. They also use powerful fans called lovers to speed the drying process. The water damage cleanup experts may also lift the carpets in the air to dry it and the floor below. The process may take more than a day depending on the extent of saturation.
  5. Tracking the progress –  After setting all the drying systems on work, they will keep checking the progress by measuring the moisture of the surfaces after regular intervals. Only after they are satisfied that the property is as dry and clean as it was pre-damage, the water damage removal pros announce the completion of the process.

Water damage repair process overview

Now that the water and moisture are removed, you can be assured that no further harm is possible due to them.

The water may have left a few signs behind it, though.

These include cracked walls, detached or loosened floor panels, stained carpets, or furniture. So, it is time for the reparation of these damages.

One of the biggest concerns during water damage repair may be mold growth in saturated areas.  For this, you need to take the help of a mold remediation company.

Any type of porous material like carpet, insulation, and fabric that was soaked in the water may need to be detached and replaced by the water damage repair company hired.

Any restorable materials like plastic items, glass, or metal need to be disinfected using bleach or any disinfectant.

For this, any affected ceiling panels need to be removed. Any damaged, mold infected, or rotten wood, especially flooring, may require replacement.

If any drywall has swollen or sagged more than the extent of restoration, then they need to be replaced, otherwise, you can get it repaired.

Then, the walls or other surfaces that have been stained should be recoated and painted. Wooden floors could be polished and laminated.

Lastly, seal and caulk the new fittings, joints, and other such things to minimize the risk of more water damage in the future.

If you have suffered a residential home or commercial water damage call to speak with a water damage repair company.

Residential home water damage restoration for residential homes

The most common causes of residential water damages are a flood, burst pipes, and leakages. Whatever be the cause, the problem needs to be solved as soon as possible, otherwise, it can give rise to further problems like mold growth, infection, and rotting.

Your house becomes more vulnerable to other problems like electrical hazards, spoiling of furniture, etc. So, in most cases, it is highly recommended to seek professional help in dealing with the situation.

A home water damage restoration company can provide proper damage reports and estimates, which will help you claim recovery from your insurer (in case your insurance policy covers these damages). Most importantly, with their vast experience, they will be able to restore your house into your earlier “home sweet home”.

Commercial water damage restoration services

Water damage due to a flood or even a burst pipe can lead to water spreading throughout a commercial building in a few minutes.

Commercial water damage restoration can be especially challenging as offices and workplaces often stock valuable and sensitive information in printed media like books, files, and documents as well as in digital form like computers, hard drives, servers, etc.

A good commercial water damage restoration service company is capable of saving most of these data that would have otherwise been salvaged.

Also, there are expensive upholstery, carpets, and furniture, which will be heavily damaged if the problem is not fixed quickly but thoroughly.

Moreover, you can’t stake the health of your employees by allowing any contamination or mold growth to occur. Since in business, time is money, professional water damage restoration experts can save you from and further wealth loss by completing the task in minimal time.

Home & commercial water damage restoration services include:

Hiring a professional home services company for a commercial and home water damage restoration service is important and knowing the types of jobs they can help you with before you call them is helpful too. Below are some of the jobs water damage repair companies provide:

  • 24-hour emergency water restoration services
  • Damage from a broken pipe
  • Damage from a floor
  • Contents pack-out and cleaning
  • Deal directly with insurance adjusters
  • Debris removal after work

Other benefits of hiring a professional company

Though the task of cleaning, drying, and repairing things after water damage may appear simple, some of the integral needs of the restoration can be fulfilled with the help of an experienced professional commercial and home water damage restoration service company only.

  1. Proper experience – Unless you are an expert, you are most likely to miss some of the essential details of the damage and incomplete damage evaluation will follow. Only a trained and experienced water damage companies can figure out the source of leakage, type, and extent of damage, and corrective measures required. You may leave the floor and walls moist, which will invite mold and rot.
  2. Special equipment – The cleaning and drying of floor, roof, and other objects require expensive advanced machinery specially designed to extract moisture from them. The powerful air movers and humidifiers are very important to finish the drying process quickly and effectively. Special moisture measuring devices are required to check the moisture contents of your floor, walls, and other affected surfaces.
  3. Contacts of other experts in the field– The water damage may bring along other types of damages like mold growth, huge structural damages, power failures. Though these may be out of their domain, they can at least introduce you to the required mold Remediation Company, construction contractor, electrician, and so on. This may not only save a lot of your time and effort by focusing it in the right direction but may also provide some discount on their charges.

Contact a pro for 24-hour services

After water damage, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced commercial & residential home water damage restoration company.  Contact us today to be connected with 24/7 water damage restoration service professionals now.

The call to speak with a water damage repair, clean and removal expert is free.

Updated on November 28th, 2023